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Image of Alpine Centre Harness

Alpine Centre Harness

The DMM Alpine Centre Harness is a fully adjustable 'all-season' harness manufactured from 44mm high tenacity, abrasion and UV resistant flat webbing. It was originally conceived to meet the demands of winter mountaineering, however, with its uncomplicated design features it is particularly well suited...

Image of Brenin ABS Harness

Brenin ABS Harness

The Brenin ABS Harness from DMM is probably one of the closest designs to an original harness and it has a reputation for incredible durability.With a vertically aligned belay tie-in loop and circular leg loops it is simple yet sturdy and the 44mm webbing with Auto Buckle System is tough and practical...

Image of Couloir Harness

Couloir Harness

The Couloir Harness from Black Diamond is a speciality harness for big mountain lines, crevassed ski terrain or moderate glacier climbs. It will pack down to the size of an orange to easily stash in your pocket or pack ready for when you need it. It has been designed with a full strength belay loop and...

Image of Mens AR-395a Harness

Mens AR-395a Harness

The Mens AR-395a Harness from Arcteryx is both comfortable and innovative and allows you to perform at your best everytime. Made with Warp Strength Technology, it spreads the load evenly across the entire width of the harness so you feel supported and comfortable all-day. Made from hard-wearing durable...

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Image of Mens Momentum Harness

Mens Momentum Harness

For all-around climbers who know that time spent fiddling with leg loops and adjusting a pinching waistbelt is time wasted, the Men's Black Diamond Momentum Harness delivers a time-saving design for all styles of climbing. A pre-threaded Speed Adjust waistbelt buckle saves time and eliminates error when...

Image of Momentum DS Harness

Momentum DS Harness

This versatile, entry level Momentum DS Harness from Black Diamond will appeal to anyone starting out indoors, training and moderate alpine ascents. With maximum adjustability and surprising breathability, this great all-rounder offers uncompromising security, comfort and durability with plenty of essential...

Image of Ophir Fast Adjust Harness

Ophir Fast Adjust Harness

The new Fast Adjust adjustment system allows you to adjust the width of the leg loops within seconds: simply slide the Fast Adjust buckle along the load-bearing webbing until the harness fits perfectly. This novel adjustment system solves the tiresome problem of ends of webbing that stick out and get...

Image of Renegade 2.0 Harness

Renegade 2.0 Harness

DMM's flagship go-anywhere, climb-anything harness has been updated: a few minor tweaks have been made, but the bits that made it so popular have been left alone, resulting in the Rengade 2.0.There's no way DMM would have got rid of the floating waist design: all seven gear loops stay centrally positioned...

Image of Solution Harness

Solution Harness

The Solution Harness from Black Diamond is a super comfortable harness that utilises Fusion Comfort Technology to ensure the best of climbing harness comfort. It introduces three separate strands of low profle webbing for superior load distribution in the waistbelt while reducing pressure on sensitive...

Image of Viper 2.0 Harness Starter Pack

Viper 2.0 Harness Starter Pack

All you need to get started climbing. Along with the super comfy Viper harness which has five gear loops for convenience and adjustable legs for perfect fit, this kit also comes with a Sentinel HMS screwgate Karabiner, a Beetle belay device plus a Strone chalk bag and a Chalk Ball.

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